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Tim Anderson
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Welcome to the United Way of Leavenworth County Community Forum.

After meeting with representatives from the Health and Education communities it became clear that a tool was needed to allow the entire community to share resources, express concerns, seek input on unmet needs and network in general.

It is our hopes that this forum will evolve into just the right tool for Leavenworth County. The vision is that although moderated, this board can remain open to anyone interested in sharing and learning as well as being open to whatever topics might be most pressing or relevant.

As we begin this new endeavor please keep in mind this forum is a place to exchange ideas and share information. Like anything else on the internet, please be mindful of privacy concerns, HIPAA compliance and general professional etiquette.

To make the most convenient and efficient use of this forum it is recommended that you set your account options to notify you by email when others post a message or utilize the RSS feeds. This will allow you to stay current without needing to constantly remember to log into the site and see if anything new has been shared.

The success and relevance of this forum will be dependent upon the community of users. United Way of Leavenworth County will make every effort to make sure the forum is accessible to you, but must rely upon you to share your thoughts and ideas. Please invite your colleagues and peers to join us as we grow this network we will open up new channels and resources to help all of us accomplish our goals.
Tim Anderson
Executive Director
United Way of Leavenworth County