Meeting Notes from June 2, 2016

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Meeting Notes from June 2, 2016

Tim Anderson
Education Needs/Concerns

School Funding –
        Districts face staff cuts
        Increasing class sizes
        Special programs reduced or cut

Leavenworth & Lansing Districts face a $1 – $2 million cut

Anticipates 70-90 student increase
7 new teaching positions
Zero budget increase

Barriers to education
        Single parents – childcare
        Early childhood education = lasting foundation

Grant opportunities via Kansas Gas for Education Foundations

Youth Achievement Center
        Live Well LV County
                “Family Dinner Hour” includes education on community services
                        Requires family to be open to receiving services
                                Many hesitant to admit need or seek services
                        Opportunity to engage at-risk community
                Take it to the park
                        5 on 5 basketball tournament
                        Jump rope activities
                        Bicycle “club” activities

Community can be better educated regarding service agencies currently active
        On-going dialogue between agencies
        Community awareness
        Handouts – pocket/condensed versions

Community Meals throughout city of Leavenworth
        622 meals served (weekly?)
        Good opportunity for education/handouts

Library as community resource
        High number of patrons accessing internet for job searches and services
        Staff witness (1st hand) community needs
        Opportunity and to access and DISCRETELY disseminate information

Organizations struggle with ongoing marketing/visibility. Cost effective means of getting the word out.

Collaborative efforts desired and appreciated
        Sharing resources
        Shared research and information
        Shared grant opportunities

On-going communication and dialogue

Tim Anderson
Executive Director
United Way of Leavenworth County