Meeting Notes from May 12, 2016

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Meeting Notes from May 12, 2016

Tim Anderson
Community Health Needs (by County)

Leavenworth County lacks a Coordinated (single) Entry point for mental health and other services

Whole (integrated) Health
        Mental health disorders lead to a 10-25 year reduction in life span

Crisis Response options – Rainbow Services, KCK
Provides a first aid station for stabilization in a living room/home environment in the individual’s own home or community.

Fragmented system of payment
Patients working toward self sufficiency (insurance) find excessive gaps from un-insured care to entry level insurance programs.
Once insured, still unable to afford health care but no longer qualify for ‘free’ health care

Health Homes – voluntary program able to serve 400 persons per month
Provides referral and social supports
Care coordination
Follow up and family support
Reduces use of E.R. services (preventative care)

Mental Health budgets/services declining, inmates with Mental Illness increasing

Coordinated Entry
Community dialogue/awareness
Peer support training
Standing committee (unmet needs)
Tim Anderson
Executive Director
United Way of Leavenworth County