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Hiring firms usually require that Site Engineers complete a degree at the bachelor's level or higher in engineering with a focus on the IT and telecoms. Many employers will also accept those with qualifications in related subjects.

Organizations looking to take on freelance workers also typically want people to have between three and five years of experience working as Site Engineers. Site engineers need to have a variety of skills, including both people management and with testing software. Some employers require that you have experience with ISEB/ISTQB software testing.Unlike a traditional job where you work for a single employer and sign a contract for how many hours per week, freelancers have complete control over their time. A freelancer can work for as many or as few hours as he or she likes.

What’s more, as a freelancer, your hourly rate is likely to be higher. Firms don’t have to pay expensive benefits or recruitment costs, and they often pass those savings onto you in the form of higher rates.

Finally, freelancers have total freedom over who they work for. As a freelance Site Engineer, you can build relationships with multiple organizations, diversifying your employment risk.

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